SERVICES - Inspections

The biggest thing you can do to keep operational and repair costs down is to find and fix things before they become big. Everything that is connected with your property can be put into one of seven major areas. They provide an easy way to see your property’s overall health.

Major Inspections
  • Site - General safety and protection of the area.
  • Foundation - Systems bonding structures to the ground.
  • Structure - Exterior and interior structural support.
  • Mechanical - Appliances and utilities such as hvac, electrical, plumbing, gas, etc.
  • Interior Finishes - Ceilings walls and floor coverings.
  • Exterior Finishes - All weatherproofing and exterior surfaces.
  • Landscapes - Space outside of enclosures.
Focused Inspections

Individual rooms and areas can be inspected as needed. These inspections are helpful when considering projects or specific problem areas, but they are also helpful for other considerations like childproofing for safety, or tenant turnover.

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