The best way to contact us is texting 707-337-3122, or by sending an email to The number of junk calls has forced us to stop answering the phone while in the field (you would hate it if we stopped every 10 minutes to get on the phone). Our regular customers appear by name, so those calls still get answered, but unkown numbers are not.

We cover from Vacaville to Benicia, through Vallejo, and up both Napa and Sonoma valleys. We basically cover the North Bay area of San Francisco except Marin, and we typically don't cross bridges. It's not that we don't want to as much as these are the areas we can reach regularly.

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I sincerely apologize if we fail to connect, or get back in time.  We are trying to keep up as best we can. The reality is in most cases once we start working with a client, and they see what we can do... our projects grow.