Call My Guy started as an effort to bring hotel level service to the homeowner. Over the last 10 years we have been well recieved by the online services (Angie’s List mostly, but also Home Advisor, Yelp, and Google), but our biggest growth has been from the people we met along the way. .

Call My Guy!

Not every customer is right for Call My Guy. It’s hard to say that, but it is true. We are not the ones to call when you are trying to collect bids. We do not try to beat the other guys, or bid based on a model that requires questionable labor. Our approach is simple. We evaluate the problem along with the overall scenario, and then we provide the solution we suggest along with other options. Most of our work is Time and Materials, because if we find savings it should be passed on to the client, and if we find something questionable, it needs to be addressed for what it is. Our goal is to help you get what you want, and we do our own work.  While we do respond to generic household problems, most of our clients have already exhausted the handyman route, or have a design scenario that hasn’t found a good solution yet.  The more challenging the more we love it. The more generic… the more there’s probably someone else who would be a better fit. We view our work as art just as much as functional.

Not every employee is right for Call My Guy. Simply because it takes a special person to view their work as art. Function is the demand, and the art is a reflection of attention to detail. We never look at a task as “It’s just a…”, and we do our best to ensure whatever task we take on exemplifies the trade.  We view a Job Site as a place that has yet to be occupied, so we basically don’t have a Job Site mentality. The places we work are already occupied, and that’s why they deserve hotel level service. Our goal is to go out of our way to accommodate our client's scenario, which is the total opposite of Job Site thinking, and why Call My Guy is very careful about who joins our team.

We are fortunate to have group of guys that the other guys on the crew want to grow old with, and that the customers look forward to having over.  Call My Guy works because we are sincere in our effort, we love what we do, we coach each other, and we all strive to challenge ourselves daily.

Thank you!