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We understand it takes time to get your place the way you want it, and we are prepared to help you through each phase. Our focus is customer service driven, and we back it with affordable quality craftsmanship. There are a variety of examples of our work for you to browse through in the Picture section. We believe you can design your space any way you want, and love being a part of the process. From upgrades or makeovers to dialing in solutions that you just can't buy in a store... when you want someone with creativity and can-do attitude, Call My Guy!.

What our customers think of us...

Very well........on time, cooperative, reasonable, good communication, no down time; I would recommend them and certainly use them again.
Euginia L. - Napa

Call my Guy is my goto for scheduling and getting work done on my house. The variety of services and flexibility are outstanding. He/they will be coming back soon to finish up some work for me and I will definitely call them again.
Susan B. - Napa

I love the door. This company was one of the few that would even do this job. They did an incredible job and I would defiantly use them again for other projects.
Margaret V. - Fairfield

I gave a perfect score. I've benefited from reading other's review so I am trying to repay the community. First the negative: I'm not a fan of the name "Call my guy". I almost didn't call them because I thought they were more of a handyman service(which they do). Well it turns out they have knowledge/experience in almost every aspect of construction. Everyone I met on Stephan's crew was professional and personally invested in making the project perfect. I know they will flat bid or Time & Material. I highly recommend the T&M and really telling them what you want. We made several changes mid project and the crew adapted flawlessly.

We started using them in February and will keep using them for construction projects. BEST CONTRACTOR EVER!
TC G - Fairfield

Hey Call My Guy: I could not be more thrilled or excited them I am right now! I love everything. I so appreciate your reliability, quality workmanship and the speed at which the work was done! I thought everyone on this project their had great strengths and brought their A game to the job. I enjoyed my time with every guy. Chris and Mike were so great as were Greg, Eric, Tony, Kevin and you ( the *** who brought me food.) I am taking a long break from work on the house but I will let you know when I can handle phase two. I am forever grateful for you and your team. I will be gone on and off tomorrow so I will leave your check on the back patio door. Please tell everyone thank you and you will be getting a glowing Angie's referral! You do a great job juggling everyone and everything. Keep up the good work! With gratefulness,
Denise L - Napa

Bathroom remodel in older home. Excellent job, good communications. Dealt conscientiously with special problems. Kept at the project until completed.
Nancy D. - Napa

I called them with a very last minute 911 request. Needed to have tile work done on my firplace surround, before the new fireplace insert was installed. They called me back immediately and had it scheduled same day. Chris arrived at my home and realized I was missing a few key things to complete the work. We drove to Berkely where I purchased the tile, we purchased the remainder of the items needed. Needless to say - Chris is a perfectionist...stayed until the work was complete (long day), and made sure everything was nice & clean before he left! He even stopped by the next day to make sure everything was completed and that I was happy with everything. I have several more projects that we are planning to use CallMyGuy for!
Jane M. - American Canyon

My mother moved into The Meadows, and I wanted someone on hand to help with her book cases and any small problems that arose. It turned out that the movers were late and unpredictable and the crew was flexible and courteous. They stayed through and helped her with many many small issues that arose through the moving process. The book cases are fine, with cut outs for outlets and stable against the wall; the TV and internet work and the guys made new shelves for the bookcase that did not have shelves anymore because the movers lost them. They also helped with unpacking which was huge for her - not a service that everyone will need, and probably too pricey for the skill level, but the fact that they were there and willing to help made all the difference in the world! Bravo!

I was really impressed by their good natured helpfulness, professionalism and follow through - they really went out of their way to make my mother's place functional as soon as possible, and made her feel that she had support and help when her family could not be there or could not do what she needed.

My mom has their number, and will call them again when she needs this kind of work.
Britt B. - Napa

It all went smoothy and if they ran into a problem they solved it. Left everrything neat and clean, good job. Stephan and his crew are great to work with.
Christine O. - Napa

Stephan Butler of Call My Guy and his assistant, Eric, responded to my call very promptly. They started the work on the day agreed upon and worked efficiently and professionally for 2 days resulting in a beautiful job, well done.

They arrived on time each day and cleaned up thoroughly before leaving. They were polite and knowledgable, always answering our question and making suggestions when appropriate.

We plan to hire them again to do some other jobs in our house and would certainly recommend them to others.
Joan F. - Napa

This company is top notch! From the customer service on the phone with Stephan to the actual job being completed by Eric, it was an exceptional experience.

I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs work on their house.

I purchased a new electric range that was supposed to be just a "slide-in" however there was electrical work and granite work that needed to be completed for it to be installed properly because our house is older.

When I called Stephan, he walked me through all my options for electrical over the phone and basically told me what to do and that I could probably handle it and if not, they could take care of it. Who does that? Nobody these days. He was just trying to help educate me and empower me to get the job done without paying for the work.

So after I completed the electrical, he actually called me to follow up, EVEN THOUGH HE DID NOT GET PAID FOR IT! Amazing.

So I had his company come out to cut the granite counter tops to make it slide in a little better and to clean up some edges. Eric came over and he was just as helpful as Stephan was. He came up with suggestions and a great can-do attitude to the job.

We had to do some customization that was not originally planned for and Eric was more than happy to oblige. He ended up doing some flooring work for us also to make sure that the range would slide properly.

This company is amazing and they are the only company that I would trust to come in to my house to do any work. They are amazing. CALL MY GUY!!!
Mike R. - Fairfield

Great quality of work and service overall. Fair and honest pricing. I am military overseas owning a home in the local area and the owner, Stephan (also a USAF vet), was willing to work with me remotely, which I greatly appreciated. They got the job done quickly and it was obvious they were interested in doing a good job to keep my business long term. I plan to use them again and refer them to my friends. Highly recommended!
David T. - Vacaville

These guys were doing work to my neighbor's house and I saw their excellent work Everytime I drove by....a couple weeks later I had a small water pipe leak from the kitchen that caused water damage to the baseboards and drywall. Long story short, I calles them and my wife and I were very happy with the outcome. I plan on calling them for more work when needed. Bravo to Call My Guy!
Hudson - NorCal

I wish I could give these guys more stars. First off, they recommend some great tools to use around the house and offer advice freely without expecting anything in return. True professionals who actually value their customers and not the bottom line.

These guys are truly a breath of fresh air.
William S. - Suisun City

What can I say, but I LOVE these guys. Steph and his crew have done a lot of work on my little house (plumbing, electrical, dry rot repair), and things are looking great! I think my favorite part is that Steph and his guys are very creative when it comes to finding solutions to "old house" problems--not every upgrade or repair is straightforward, but these guys have a lot of experience. Ok, my other favorite thing is that Steph never makes me feel like my job is too small or unimportant--he always finds a way to squeeze my job in--and his prices are absolutely fair (OMG, I think he doesn't charge enough.) His guys FINISH their work! They're professional and reliable--can't beat that. Thanks, Steph!!!

One more thing? Steph LOVES his job--that's obvious. Ask him to show you his portfolio, and look at the pride on his face at the work he and his guys have done. He's just great!
Stephanie H. - Napa

I am very happy with my first project; Greg did a great job and in half the time than quoted. I am waiting to schedule another project today.
Linda N. - Vallejo

Stephan and Eric, and all the guys are incredible! I have used them for many years now for our apartments as well as for our shopping center in Napa. He has done numerous deck repairs, carport repairs, floor repairs, as well as replacing huge ceiling beams in our commercial center. He is always able to come up with a cost effective solution for anything I call him in for. I know if I call Stephan he will be able to put me on the right track even if I am working with someone else....YES that is correct, I have called him for a second opinion on a few jobs. He and the crew are true craftsman, they love what they do and it shows. They are honest and straightforward. He always delivers what he promises, and keeps in touch if there are changes that come up during the job. On most of our jobs the crews are working in occupied units and I have never ever had one complaint from my tenants. Call My Guy has even accommodated a tenant's request to work after store hours, which was 10:00 pm! As the director of real estate operations for my company Call My Guy offers me a great value by consistently providing quality workmanship at a fair price. He is as good as it gets!
Rhoda S. - Petaluma

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